Yesterday was a good day. I have met many nice people from Kremenchuk and we succeed to communicate, notwithstanding we could not speak correctly one common language. Maybe, also for this difficulty, yesterday was a great evening. Many people gather here in Простiр iдей, much more than I was expecting. When Alona, yesterday morning, told me that probably around 20/30 people would come at The Italian Evening. I have to admit that I was scared. I ran to shop and I bought almost all the Mascarpone and Savoiardi that they had. I was already more relaxed knowing that 2 kilos of Mascarpone and 6 packages of Savoiardi were on my side.

Some minutes after six pm, we started to prepare the Tiramisù. Fortunately, there were kind people that knew much more than me about cooking, and their help was crucial. It was a magnificent moment, everybody wanted to help and do something. Furthermore, it was also instructive, I have learnt the word ложка, some have learnt the Italian words grazie and prego and I hope they remember the receipt. By the way, the Nutella there is not in the original receipt, but I wanted to add it. Almost everything is better off with a bit of Nutella.  After the Bellissimo Tiramisù (as the nicest helpers that I could desire defined it) was ready and resting in the fridge.  Thereafter, we started the presentation that I have prepared, I really hope that all the people enjoyed and that now knows a little more about Italy.

Finally, we ate it!!! It was a bit too liquid; it should have been in the fridge a little more. However, it doesn’t matter I liked a lot in the taste. I want to thank all the people that came and helped. Yes, yesterday was definitely good day, спасибо / спасибi.





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By olesus

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