On mid-May, on the Dnipro riverbank in Kirovohrad oblast (yes, that’s not a mistake, Kirovohrad oblast do has access to Dnipro river) youth workers from whole Ukraine have met in order to learn how to work with Manual for Human Right Education “Compass” created by the Council of Europe. Training course was organized by Youth Department of the Council of Europe, Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine, CO Kremenchuk informative-elucidative centre “European Club”, in cooperation with YO “Plast”, Ukrainian Youth Association, CO “Youth Platform”, Sumy MCDM and Dnipro Oblast Youth Center.

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What did they do at the training? They were acquainting  with the Council of Europe approaches to education for democratic citizenship and human rights education; with teaching aids and with educational resources. They were learning how to use resources in their daily work with young people, they studied the theory of civic education and practices of social activity. They were trying to lace up and learn how to combine their efforts and plan their further actions.

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5 days of persistent learning, free communication and focused planning flew quickly, and we hadn’t wait long for result. In less than one and a half months the participants of the training actively multiplied the results of learning.  In their own organizations, educational institutions, children’s health camps, and various educational events that they managed to attend, they shown a presentation of Compass, Bookmarks, and other educational tools, competencies, and approaches received in the training. According to our estimates, several hundred people have already learned more about human rights education, and this activity of our graduates makes us really happy.

We look forward for next activities and get acquainted with the impressions of the participants.

Katia Medynśka:

  • At the training on advocacy and communication with authorities of Comitee of Youth Associations in Sumy Oblast, I acquaint colleagues with Compass and the European Charter. Nice meetings and lots of impressions and useful information. Everything was cool.
  • With the training of the “United Community” project, we plan to hold Compass training! In the meantime, I acquaint the viewers with the Compass and the materials of the “Bookmars”. J
  • The place of the training is the center for children’s creativity.
  • Training 50/50
  • I provided learning “Bookmarks” in the group. Thank you Olena for your help, the participants are happy)). And the main thing is that the results of the exercise were discussed for a long time. It is good when we can change a our points of view and raise our awareness.

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Alina Jurkova:

Our education sent letters to all schools of the city with information on what activities we can hold, the schools themselves choose the topic and invite us. We conducted training exercises in several school camps.

Marianna Makarčuk:

Today, the first group of students of the language camp of 1st Lyceum, played a game “Take a step forward” from the manual “Compass”. Children were delighted!

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Volodymyr Pančenko:

We held presentations of the Compass and its exercises in several rural schools in Smila region.

Quote of the day: “This Compass is so heavy! Why do one print such heavy books?”

The answer: “Yeah, it will break my packet!” 🙂

Olenka Levčenko:

We’ve shared our impressions and knowledge with colleagues in Smila youth center.)

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Julia Bekmurzina:

On May 26, 2017, the fees of the “Art-MOST” NGO took place. The leaders of the organization made a report on the training of “Compass” in Kremenčuk, and participation in the Ukrainian-Polish-German forum “Youth in Ukraine” in Berlin.

An important point was the planning of a series of trainings on the manual “Compass” and “Bookmarks.” We learned about the “No hate speech movement”. It was very interesting to hear that there are partners from other regions of Ukraine, ready to cooperate with Art-MOST in the projects of “National exchanges”. We’ve also heard the experience and ideas of our friend organizations.

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On Friday, June 2, 2017, a scheduled meeting of the “Art-MOST” NGO took place. But this day  was different because we were engaged not only into planning and listening to reports about our job. We’ve started the first lesson on the “No Hate speech Movement”. We studied the lesson “Counteract Cyberbullying”. It was interesting to discuss the topic of how online intimidation differs from offline intimidation and how they are linked to other types of bullying. We made the decision to study the lessons at every meeting. We invite all wishing to join us.


Chernihiv Youth Work Center held a training for children: https://www.facebook.com/chmcp23/posts/1814792692171623

CO ArtMost held presentation of «Bookmarks» and traiing about Counteract Cyberbullying: https://www.facebook.com/yoartmost/posts/465437993801926



YO «Ukrainian Hearts» held presentation of Compass and Bookmarks for coworkers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/emedinskaa/permalink/331798660573083/