Media manipulations, critical thinking and journalist’s ethics are very actual topics for discussions in modern world. Especially for youth who want to feel more self-confident in nowadays. So during youth exchange “Media VS Critical Thinking- Improving Literacy” which happen between 29th of August and 5th of September in Georgian city Rustavi young people from 5 countries were discussing exactly such topics and even more. Young Bulgarians, Georgians, Danish, Spanish and Ukrainians were discovering modern media field, Georgian culture, city Rustavi, each others cultures, fake news, create friendship and plenty of videos, everyday news, audio interviews, practice in creation fake news, recognition and checking fakes, youth projects on different important for youth topics. During this week youth visit local TV and radio channel and independent institution works on following journalists’ ethic.


More impressions from our participants:

Maksym Andriievskyi:

In the end of the August I was taking part in youth exchange “Media VS Critical Thinking- Improving Literacy”, held in Rustavi, Georgia. The project was dedicated to media literacy and critical attitude to the media. This week was one of the best in 2018! This event brought together 35 people from Georgia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Spain and Denmark. It`s always exciting to learn people and cultures of other countries, even without visiting this countries! During the project, we had discussions and workshops about our topic, I got a lot of new knowledge`s, that I will use in my daily life now. What I liked – we had a lot of time for visiting different places in Georgia. Rustavi and Tbilisi are beautiful old towns, full of history and indescribable atmosphere. And, of course, traditional Georgian hospitality. It was my first time visiting overseas, when I totally forgot that I`m not at home! Thanks to everybody who make this unforgettable experience to be possible!!!

First day of daily news:

Hanna Veres:

The project we visited in sunny and welcome Georgia talked about Media and Critical Thinking. Several days were enough to receive both information in the fun and informal way and practice. The most exciting part is that the program was prepared by the participants themselves, so it brought the taste of national identity into our training sessions. It was precious time spent with amazing people! Thanks a lot for the inspiration to have further development in the field!

2nd day of daily news:

Sashko Chermnykh:

It wasn’t my first youth exchange, but it was my first project so good organized! Here, in Georgia, weren’t something what organizers missed: starting from accommodation till keeping friendly atmosphere in a group. You always can feel experience and care of hosting side.

The program was very good. There weren’t too much information and always was interesting. We have time to discuss different topics: stereotypes, functions and meaning of media in our lives, fake news and many other things. I’m very like that each country make own contribution in leading learning sessions. Each National team was responsible for specific day and topic. Before project we have time to prepare our sessions and feel ourselves more comfortable and self-confident. Our study visits very harmoniously empower program of exchange. We visited local TV and radio channel TV4.GE where we have opportunity to met workers, to look on working process. And we also visited The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics which works on monitoring and control controversial journalist’s works.

It was one of the projects where you have to sleep 3-4 hours a day. But I would never regret about it, because on this project I met people, who made this 10 days in Georgia interesting and full of memories. And I would be grateful to meet thus people again in my life.

3rd day of daily news:

Taisiia Zhebryk:


Youth exchanges are full of awesome  moments.

People you meet in exchanges will fill your life with happiness and unforgettable memories. Youth exchanges are always filled with new things. First of all, these are people you meet. Different countries meet in one place, and this place becomes the most diverse and lively, because every person brings its tradition and behavior. You have an opportunity to communicate with people from several countries about their style of life, habits and routine. It is special in every country and among every person. It is very exciting.

If you want to explore the world, if you are afraid, but you want to be open to  the world, you must take part in the youth exchanges, because it will help you to be more overt and open-minded. In addition to this, your english level will develop. You will have the biggest and the coolest practice of speaking ever. You will speak english 24/7 and when you come back home you will find out that you really CAN speak english, without doubts.


Don’t you want to explore new countries? Do it! There are a lot of opportunities to take part in projects. You just need to find it, apply and then enjoy, participate and have fun!

Every country has something special – discover the world, take part in projects!

Khrystyna Krushelnytska:

Apply or not apply?

If you are interested in non-formal education, visiting new places and meeting interesting people with common interests – Erasmus+ exchange projects is an unique opportunity to combine all these items and many others in one. Participating in it you can both study and have a good rest. You can share your own culture and sponge someone’s. You can meet people to be in touch even after finishing the project. And of course you can not only get new experience but for sure share your own. It is so amazing to see a person behind you with his eyes shining with appetite to your own experience along with your native country’s culture! If everything mentioned above is close to you – then definitely apply. But if you got used only to calm, inactive life including only studying\work, soft bed and all-inclusive vacation – than you’d better stay away from Erasmus+.

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