The concept of international youth exchanges very interest by it self. Group of young people who are gather together in one place and discuss some topic, share thoughts, impressions and experience, and create something common. And if this place (where people gather) is not obvious, Cyprus for example, the exchange is becoming even more interesting. New climate, new cultures, food, language, traditions. In such situation is hard not to share, and not to learn.

And it’s happen on our last youth exchange WWWith.E+Games.welCOMe/inclusion in Cypriot city Paralimni between 11 and 20th of November. Youth from Ukraine, Armenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania and Serbia were developing topic if games and inclusion. They were talk about games, play games, discuss inclusiveness of games, play games at school. But probably impressions from our participants tell you more about this event.


Charming 10 days that have been taken on the beautiful island of Cyprus. Cyprus met us with great weather and fiery heat and at Boryspil airport, I met my people, but we still did not imagine that we would be so close and close.

Never in my life did I think that board games can play an important role. But the project proved other things that it is precisely the games and games that can affect people in general. Every day we woke up, waiting for something to be extremely interesting and necessary. And our expectations have always been realized. Personally, I felt how we are changing, how the Ukrainian team is changing, how we became friends. Feeling that I personally changed, I got out of the comfort zone, I found friends. In 11 days we became acquainted and became friends with all representatives of 6 countries. At the end of the project, we have already been invited to all countries. It’s cool. This is an invaluable experience, an experience that you will remember all your life, that atmosphere, emotions, and most importantly people. Every person is a source of knowledge, experience, emotions.

Do not hesitate to meet opportunities!

This is an important step in life and will change your perception of the world and become a magical “kick” for further action, for the development of yourself.


Hello! My name is Pavel and I want to tell you about my adventure to Cyprus on the program Erasmus +. Yes, many do not know what it is and how it works, but trust me it is worth it. For the first time in my life I visited Cyprus and it was amazing. Yes, perhaps Cyprus did not shine with the architecture of buildings and the beauty of the landscapes. But the main thing in Cyprus was not the sea and not even architecture, the main thing in Cyprus are people. Thanks to Erasmus +, I met 36 wonderful people. We communicated and shared our views on life, culture, ideas, emotions. We played and created we studied and listened together. Everyone was part of this exchange program and we created for ourselves these 10 wonderful days.

Someone would think that it was boring and not interesting?I would not say that! Yes, there were regular lectures about the goals of our exchange and arrival, and what we will do, and then an interesting practice went on. Yes, we played and created games. As it turned out, it was not quite easy, but we did it. Here you get experience in a team, the opportunity to show your creativity, and are not afraid to experiment. And the final of our preparations was a game with 60 children from the local school. Yes, it was also an interesting experience. It’s all? Not! We had other activities: cultural evenings, races on the sea) and a guided tour on a yacht with a transparent bottom … Yes, it was a wonderful 10 days. It’s worth a try!)


The project WWWith.E+Games.welCOMe/inclusion held on 11.10.2018 through 19.10.2018 in Paralimni, Cyprus, was a good experience for me. The topic of he project were national games which were presented by participants. During the project, I learned about games from different countries and cultures and got to know many new people. I found out what kind of inclusion and what measures can I do to organize activity in a less exclusive way. During the project, I learned the definitions and general principles of inclusiveness, and used this knowledge in practice when creating new games. At the final stage of the project, we went to school, showing children the games we learned, which we changed or created. This was my first project in Erasmus +, and I’m glad to have participated in it. I did not have any problems with logistics, so I could enjoy the project thanks to the organizers.


It was my first E+ youth exchange that took place in Paralimni, Cyprus. During the first few days I got to know how  E+ can support social inclusion and how games can be used as tools for youth empowerment and intercultural learning. We had lots of animated and heated discussions and we were working together on the topic of non-formal education. One of the tasks was to create games in that way so everyone can be included into the process. With the permission of the Headmaster of Ayia Napa Primary School we had an opportunity to use all out technics and games to have a great and funny time with pupils.


The main goal of a program I was participated unexplainable by few words. Collaboration with other nations, training programs, self-development, days full of emotions and conversation, unstoppable search that what I’m thinking when I start to remember days I lived on Cyprus. The top of program, for me, was the practical using of experience for 7-8 days. Expectations were even more than I thought. Of course, I think I should use all I know from now on in a usual days in my country – Ukraine. I hope once I repeat this experiment in school, I studied, when I was I child.


During the youth exchange I got to know the cultures of 5 countries through the traditional games. For me it became a pleasing revealing to find out that most of the games are similar and are directed on developing physical abilities, speed of reactions and ingenuity. The process of changing and adaption of games made me think about inclusion and those people who are exclusive of some reasons from the process of playing.

The board games have showed how diverse they are, they are inclusive and it was a pleasure to take part in them. He most exciting thing was to make up the game ourselves, taking into account the aspect of age of children and their way of thinking. Attending of school, the process of playing with children fulfilled me with tones of positive emotions. I found out that children on Cyprus different from Ukrainian. They were so open-minded, easy-going and positive. They enjoyed the playing, however the game was going differently with new teams of children. This project motivates me to think more about inclusion, the specific terms that we’re using to express my thoughts and to change this world for better.

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