Hi! We again want to tell you more about opportunities of international educational trips from Erasmus+ program (https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/). This time through impressions from participants of one of youth exchanges “Think green” which happen between 10 and 19 of May 2019 in Kobuleti, Georgia.

The name of event already telling that such event was about ecological state of mind, about our connection with nature and between us (people around the world). And a bit about that how we all together can save or destroy this world.

Much more sense and emotions from our participants is below. We are hope to read soon one more text from Oleh Khodakov 😉

Iryna Hornieva:

My next youth exchange from Erasmus + it is a new unforgettable emotions, knowledge, impressions and acquaintances.

WHAT: Youth exchange “Think green”

WHO: Georgia, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Jordan, Turkey

HOW: To say that the experience of participating in youth exchanges is something incredible, it’s like say nothing. It always seems that somewhere there remains a piece of you, which then searching for people like you in the streets of native city for a long time, hears similar phrases and tries to share with his acquaintances and relatives the knowledge and emotions that are really overwhelming.

Why the world is drowning in garbage and how to solve the problems of air pollution, water and land – dozens of participants from around the world were tried to find an answers to these questions.

But it was not a round table meeting. The search for answers was through games, through assignments, through collaborative teamwork and the exchange of experience at the intercultural level.

As for me, the closest approach to the topic of pollution was during the joint cleaning of the beach. It really was painful to find the remains of cigarettes, plastic, packages and even syringes on the charmingly beautiful Black Sea coast.

And during the exchange, the participants got, as for me, a unique opportunity to share knowledge and buy new ones, to realize their personal responsibility for the state of the environment, to make the choice, or to further pollute the streets, or to find strength and bring garbage to the nearest garbage bin.

Ten days of incredibly unforgettable work are really worth spending on this time. I’m even convinced that any such possibility is simply not possible to lose.

Sitting at home and surfing on the Internet may be easier and more peaceful, but what to do in adulthood when there’s no energy at a more active time?

Filling in only a complex application form, everybody gets a chance to get closer to the cultures of any of the European countries, fill their lives with unforgettable impressions, get acquainted with like-minded people, then come across them in the most unexpected places of the world and mention the secrets that are known only to you.

The power of Erasmus + is inexhaustible – find yours;). Just do. Why not?

Kira Okhrimenko:

Today I have inspiration to share the latest positive experience. After bright impressions usually we need some time to realise what’s happened to us. So What’s happened to us – 36 participants of Erasmus+ project “Think Green” in Kobuleti, Georgia? – A lot of fun, soul-mates, sharing life experience and unforgettable moments. Wish all of you, guys, to have more and more of such experiences in life, meeting the same shining people as you are. Cannot ignore the role of amazing girls, who made this project real – Nati and Tiko, thank you for being active citizens and perfect leaders. One more thank you to Ukrainian team for presenting our culture.
Thanks everyone for improving the world by improving yourselves and surrounding! Big hug♥

The further we are from the event, the easier we can value it. Youth exchange “Think Green” Georgia was the first Erasmus+ project for me. Before I participated a lot of times I’m long-term volunteer service projects, but the portion of acquaintances, impressions and memories of 10-day term was the first one. I cannot state that we had seriously deepen our knowledge in ecology. As in general we were sharing the environmental problems which are common for countries-participants ( Ukraine, Georgia, Jordan, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey). Due to such an informative exchange we understood, that Ukrainian environmental problems aren’t unique. Other countries also suffer on the same problems. The exception is Jordan – this country has more unique problems as we could understand. For me, as well as for the majority of participants the team-building workshops were rather useful: they proved that unacquainted people can work as a real team and effectively on the next day of the project. These are, to my mind, the elements of non-formal education, which are so necessary for modern formal education in Ukraine. The positive experience of this youth exchange is visible. I have only one wish – to see the announcements of Erasmus+ projects more often. Speaking about my hopes.. in Romny where I was the leader of pupil organization I have planned the meeting with the activists in order to share the information about such projects. As it’s guilt not to share information with those who need it. That’s why new applicants will come soon 😉

Serhii Horovenko:

Actually, participation in the Erasmus + project “Think green” changed my mind. I became to be eco-friendly after the week with 36 strongly motivated young eco-leaders from 6 countries.  Our perfect time, speaking about global and local environmental issues on the beautiful Georgian Black Sea beach in Kobuleti (the Adjara region), expressed me a lot and forced to review my understanding of the ecological topics.
We recognized the nearest consequences for the world and for the areas where we live of the humanity irresponsible consumption and decided to spread the information and best practices how to work with it across our countries for sure.

Moreover, “Think green” is not only about working and thinking about nature, it is only about friendship, civil coalitions, relaxation (remember about the beach in Kobuleti) and refreshing the mind completely, “Think green” is not only a project, now it’s a history, the history of 36 motivated young people from different countries who decided to change the world around them.  We have been in Kobuleti approximately 10 days, but every night we did our best to visit Tbilisi, Ankara, Amman, Warsaw, Bratislava and Kyiv, attempted to understand unique culture and their extraordinary history(thanks intercultural evenings), so that Erasmus + project had profound effects on my mind. Thank you!

Serhii Dmitriev:

So it’s time to share the impression of a trip to Sakartvelo (Georgia) on the Youth Exchange from Erasmus + “Think Green”.

Much things I’ve done for the first time in my life.

For the first time, I visited the country, to visit what I dreamed about for many years.

I celebrated 25 years in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, with people whom I met for the first time on the evening of May 8, and already 9 all of them became a part of my life.

For the first time I flew to the plane (it wasn’t terrible for me, I knew that everything would be fine, because there are many things I need to do).

For the first time, I participated in the Erasmus + youth exchange project.

For the first time, I talked with young people from other countries (Poland, Turkey, Slovakia, Jordan and Georgia)

For the first time, I tested myself in the possession, understanding and communication of English. Conclusions are made – I work even more intensely!

What is the result of all of this I did?

1) Knowing English – easier to communicate, hear others and express your thoughts!

2) Youth exchange – an opportunity to learn more not only about life in other countries, but also about your country as well.

3) Change the world – it’s difficult. Change yourself – a little easier.

4) Share your ideas – the key to successful growth!

5) The only thing I regret is that I learned about youth exchanges only at 25! Time to catch up with lost opportunities!
And finally! Thanks to the Ukrainian team for everything! You are the best of the best!

Thank for everyone with whom I had meeting and talking – you inspired me to grow up and don’t stop!
If I had to describe this trip in three words, I would say this: Habibi, Why not? and ” mmm … Erasmus ”.

P.S. If you read this – you are a superhero))

Is published with the preservation of spelling of the author))

Lina Romanchenko:

Think green#ERASMUS#Georgia
# Impressions from the project # Ecology
What is left after successful projects? The energy charge, the cheerfulness with which you want to change the world, the amount of money for the team and comprehension. The latter comes gradually when you analyze and compare: what told you how you heard it saw and how it all reflected in you.
We saw incredible Georgia, the best of it – the tourist town of Kobuleti, colorful Batumi, rich in Tbilisi. Pure city with bright streets and beaches, old renovated houses and newest impressive high-rise buildings.
Sometimes it seems that there should still be a general team collection of May’s Think Green project, where each of the participants in the six countries will gather for relay, cultural evening or group work. And the discussion will start: not only what is the magic of the host Sakartvelo, but also what young people, children and other citizens live in Slovakia, Poland, Turkey, Jordan, Ukraine. The first days of the project are mentioned, when everyone, apparently, was a kind of surprise from other participants – how different are all the tastes, music, games and habits. But undeniably everyone was united by a common environmental theme. As he learned, in each of these countries this topic needs to be analyzed and changed: against atmospheric emissions, pollution of water bodies, behavior of citizens or individual enterprises.
For the most part, the project formed free discussions about problems, examples of improvement and finding a new one. But the narratives of many participants made it possible to conclude that young people in the world are confidently and consciously pursuing ecological purity. For example, take with you a market package or eco-shopping; use plastic containers or buy an eco-bottle; how to treat old things; how to get acquainted with this topic. And most of the discussions were limited to one: start with yourself, but do not just say – action!
The organizers approach was unobtrusive conversations, encouraging us to create and voice their proposals. After all, when you realize how to teach someone ecological literacy – you begin to analyze your own steps and habits. Such an example was for us a college in Kobuleti, where communicating with students, understood responsibility in terms of their example.
I liked that for those 40 minutes, when the kobuletsky beach was cleaned, interested in the outsiders. Some people came up to help, the elders came up to give thanks. So the useful skill that got here – the ability to take the initiative. Do not be afraid to talk about seemingly well-known environmental things that can change the world: from each and ending with large groups.
Separate words – about teams of participants. Cohesion plays an important role, which affects both winning sports or ideological contests, and the ability to gather listeners and initiate further green actions.
… From the plane, Georgia can be seen as a green spot. In the cities themselves – amazing highways and cycle tracks, sports grounds, free drinking fountains, beautiful recreation areas, distribution bins.
When you see it – you are striving for such. I’m sure each of the participants will tell the friends that the old trees in the street – it’s not only normal but also beautiful. That the streets of Batumi and Tbilisa remain clean until the evening, where the retention of the order depends on the local people themselves. That hundreds of tourists go to where it is better, and a small Georgian people managed to create the appropriate conditions for this.
Georgians themselves, like me, care about traditions and purity not only in external manifestations. In conversations they are balanced and friendly, in relation to their relatives and their country – consistent and loyal. Is not this a successful example, which should be borrowed and sheltered – in his home, on the street or in his own city?
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