Many times you heard about youth exchanges in frame of program Erasmus+, but you was afraid to try this experience? Don’t be afraid and try it one day! Today we want to inspire you for this step with impressions from participants of youth exchange “Move On” which happen between 24th of June and 1st of July in Madrid.

What we’re talking about, with whom, how it was and much more in impressions from our participants:


It’s just awesome! It was with these emotions that I first went abroad and met Madrid!

❗7 days I spent in a very attractive town Albergue El Escorial, 50 km from Madrid.

Thematic discussions on democracy, sexual education, inclusion and exclusion, healthy lifestyle, psychoactive substances, speeches, energy drinkers – the daily travels – inspired me with new ideas and endless work on oneself, especially for the perfect study of foreign languages, because it It’s so cool to maintain communication with representatives from different countries.

Incredibly liked the energy of the project participants from Morocco, Spain, Georgia, Greece and Ukraine, who throughout their days presented their smiles, energy, knowledge and positive.

The program of the project and the atmosphere is simply super, during which no man was left alone, but included in the work, discussions / discussions, presentations, theatrical performances and the preparation of an intercultural evening on which they could taste national dishes of other countries.

As for food: what u want to sing (like the children of RC below in the video) to those who made the menu, cooked food – well, well, really, it’s delicious! I remember the hamon, fruits, salads …. and everything was mega delicious !!!!

No time limitations for leisure. You want to have fun all new night with new friends – you have the right, you want to go for a walk in the city and return at night – you have the right to do so.

Р.С. I would like to express my unlimited gratitude to the Kremenchug Information and Educational Center “European Club” for reviewing my application and gave me the opportunity to go abroad for the first time, Erasmus + for giving prayers for such projects, our leader and wonderful expert Larissa for her constant torture, inclusion, tolerance and humanity. My neighbor from Georgia and my secret Toko brand for being very involved in group work, neighborhood and just a good person. Mishi for honesty and the last day. Katie for mega high quality photos. Moroccans for smiles and talks. Akim for everything that was, he in general reminded me in Ukraine and inspired not stopped, for the Spaniards for the song, dancing. Greeks for conversation and a gift !!!

Р.С. р.с. And yet, for the third consecutive day in social networks, at meetings and at work, I tell my friends how I incredibly spent time, what I learned, and I met her. But most importantly, who organized all this, about Erasmys + and that all this is true, it works and everyone has such an opportunity !!!



It was a great week of my life, which lasted like one unforgettable day. I guess I’ll be in the euphoria of good feelings for a very long time yet. For me, El Escorial seems a small and cozy city. There I was lucky to meet people, who were open to communication. Smiles from our faces did not disappear every day. Together we invented our democratic country, showed problems of social inclusion and did various workshops.

It is in such exchanges that it is possible to see the uniqueness of the inhabitants of each country and feel the intercultural atmosphere around. Everyone will find something amazing and unforgettable in such projects for themselves, what will remain forever after the project. It can the knowledge gained after various activities and new friends from different countries, who after the exchange will be waiting for you to visit. Or, it can be the memories of long conversations about everything and, of course, a lot of motivation for further development. I advise everyone to try themselves in such youth exchanges and don’t be afraid. Just Move On!)))


A very interesting adventure hit me this summer.  A few months ago, I could not think that I would go to Spain, but the GPC “European Club” made it impossible.  I was fortunate enough to become a participant in the 7-day Youth Exchange “MoveOn” in Madrid. This journey is full of vibrant impressions.  Wonderful places, new acquaintances, friendly people – everything was unsurpassed. Yet, you need to tell more.

I was pleasantly surprised, because the training took place in a very light, playful form.  Through our diverse activities, we have easily analyzed such complex problems of democracy, inclusion, and cultural diversity.

The foreigners were very friendly, they gladly communicated with us and gladly studied some Ukrainian words.  We became friends so much that there was no terrible language barrier, nor a distance of thousands of kilometers between our homes.  I realized that people from other countries are not at all different from ours – the same habits, the same problems, the same passion and joy.  Finding a common language from the very beginning helped entertain, playing, we remember each other’s names.

An intercultural evening is the brightest and most interesting thing.  All evening I learned a lot about Morocco, Spain, Greece, Georgia Russia and France.  Each country presented a small show and enjoyed delicious national dishes.

Now, I know for sure that if you are committed to dreaming something and confidently pursuing your goal – the plan is bound to come true.


If this feedback is read by other members, they will be surprised. Perhaps, I looked too calm, but my own impression of Spain  is a hurricane of emotion. Within a week all my dreams and fears have come true, what I wanted and was afraid of. Firstly, my first experience in an international team with working English. This is a dream and a fear. It was difficult. But my good interlocutors took part in my challange, trying to explain in other words or gestures. Thank you, good people!) Secondly, I was excited by the fact that youth from other countries easily communicates and builds dialogue.

This year I have read a lot about the concepts and approaches of modern education, civic competences, strategy and other important things (interesting, but sometimes boring). And in Spain I saw: the theory works. Participants from 5 countries demonstrated multilingualism, empathy, critical thinking. I was delighted what they were different: the look, clothes, tattoos, vegetarians, Muslims, Christians and religiously neutral, interested in music or silence. In those days we were together, and each was ourselves. It was great expierence.


It was incredible!

Cool activity and great new friends. No borders in communication and networking. Thanks to the organizers and all the participants. If all young people have gone through such programs – there would be more kindness and less problems in the world both between individuals and in general


Hello, I’m here back from my third youth exchange.

Spain, Madrid, El Escorial. The country surprised me – architecture, traditions, people, nature, climate, for me, this is the best place on earth. Grandiose buildings, I constantly went and thought how much resources and strength was required to build such beauty. Siesta (rest at lunch), fiesta (all the time between siesta), manana (later), sangria (light booze, national drink). Locals do not understand English at all, even the most simple, common words. Although I could communicate without problems with the locals with knowledge of a few words of Spanish. I even wanted to learn Spanish, it sounds cool. We were settled in a town with a huge castle in the mountains for 45km from Madrid, a very beautiful place, incredible landscapes and nature, I just fell in love. It was not at all hot as I thought, in Ukraine, upon returning, I was uncomfortable with the heat. Karoch Spain – cool.

Well, in fact, we flooded there – youth exchange with the topic “Move on” They settled us in a chic hostel, fed us for slaughter, but as I understood it, they are fed everywhere in Spain. The whole event reminded me of a children’s camp – we work a little, discuss serious topics, and then the fiesta. We had a schedule, but we rarely stuck to it, now to the pool, then to see El Escorial. I probably, that is strange, even lacked discussions and discussions, although all the rules. Wonderful participants and participants, all nice and open, interesting. I have probably been mentally in Marroko, from all those stories and a little updated knowledge about Greece and Georgia from our friends. Well, I fell in love with Spain, I hope you remember it. And the Spanish team is the coolest. I am a nerd and I don’t remember the names well, but it seems that in the end I remember everything, because everyone is pretty. And of course, about my native Ukrainian team with which I spent most of the time, which is probably not very good – thanks for the company, it was fun with you. Well, about everything – fun driving, defiantly, I liked it, so I will gain impudence and fill out a form for a new exchange that will soon be back in Spain. The most unusual exchange of all, I returned to my homeland motivated and with a bunch of goals. Thanks

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