Youth exchange “Walk among a vital environment with us” is happen between 5th and 12th of September 2022 in small Greek village Stratoni (it is in Khalkidiki approx. not far from Thessaloniki). Together with participants from Moldova, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Egypt Ukrainian female team (hi gender non-equality!) explore different ecological challenges around the world. We talked about forest fires and plastic (and non-plastic) Christmas trees, ecological lifestyle and is it possible, about masks, social distance, individual packageing and pandemic of COVID-19 in general. From our side as Ukrainian team we talked about war a lot and “interesting fact about Ukraine” that we memes and jokes about war help our mental health not looking on the fact that #russiaisaterroriststate

More emotions from our participants 🙂


I would also like to share my exchange experience.  This was my first exchange, but I think now it will not be the last!  Usually the exchange is about knowledge and sharing it, but I would add that it is also about the atmosphere and people with whom you find common topics during and after the workshops.  This is exactly what it is about!  It is very cool that during such events, important topics for discussion are raised, interesting tasks are invented, which turn into theatrical improvisations, with the help of which we learn and live new experiences.  Of course, this whole atmosphere was complemented by the beautiful Aegean Sea, mountain landscapes and unhurried Greek everyday life.  I think I left a piece of myself there, as I took with me a piece of memories from the picturesque Greek settlement called Stratoni.  I’m grateful to be a part of this story!


This September, I had the opportunity to visit Greece as part of the Erasmus+ project “Walk Among a Vital Environment with Us”. It took place in the village Stratoni on the shores of the Aegean Sea, two hours’ drive from Thessaloniki.

6 countries participated – Greece, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Egypt. Every day, each team held eco-themed workshops: we discussed wild fires and environmental pollution, tried to make different objects from magazine pages, looked for alternatives to disposable one-time household items, and much more.
In addition to the thematic activities, we arranged an intercultural evening, got to explore Stratoni, went by boat to the neighboring islands and tasted local cuisine.The highlight of the project was the picturesque deserted beach across the road from our settlement. The always clean, calm sea and warm evenings with sunrises overlooking the sea and mountains remained in my memory as pleasant memories of September 2022.


I was so lucky to be a part of this unique exchange. Being in such an atmosphere was an unforgettable experience. Every day I with other participants was engaged in different workshops. We talked about fast fashion, recycling, our cultures, the ecological situation in the world, and day-to-day global problems.

By the end of the exchange, we understood more about current ecological issues in different countries. I met many amazing people there, with whom we keep in touch.  I got a huge portion of enthusiasm to be more active in my daily life right now. I realized that I no longer need to wait for the better moment to start doing something. Because life is going now. Stratoni is forever in my heart. And every time, when I think about this exchange – it makes me smile 🙂

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