Health and healthy lifestyle are top topics. At least it looks like that. Especually when some parts of your body starts hurting🙂

We don’t have another body, additional legs, arms, back or brain and you start to realise it when become older. But when you still young you can think that health is so easy and it’s resource which is never finish. Exactly about health and healthy lifestyle, physical and mental, addictions, channels for recovering young people gather to talk in Netherlands from 1st till 8th of August 2022 in frame of youth exchange supported by Erasmus+ programme.

Yes, it’s took a time for us to gather impressions how organize common life on small farm with horses, dogs, cats, neighbours and colleagues from Georgia, Curacao (its a small island in Carribean Sea. It’s a part of Kingdom of the Neatherlands) and Portugal. You need to organize common daily life, survive it, spread the word about yourself and learn about others.

Common warm athmosphere you can feel in our common video:

And more personal emotional impressions from participants are below.


It was an Erasmus+ youth exchange in the Netherlands. The topics of exchange were sports, a healthy lifestyle, habits that affect our body and condition. Four countries met to exchange experience in this area of our lives: the Netherlands, Portugal, Georgia and Ukraine. But the story was not about that. Different people with different worldviews met in one place to understand each other in all possible ways. Everyone has their own level of verbal and non-verbal communication skills, but the purpose of the meeting was to synchronize, understand each other and develop communication skills.

During this week, we were able to train ourselves in creating projects, we thought about the experience for youthpass, we shared our culture with others and opened a piece of our heart to others, we practiced yoga, sports, dancing, we took responsibility for the cleanliness of the common space. Each country had the opportunity to create an atmosphere of its culture for everyone, show its traditions and feed traditional dishes. The Dutch people surprised with the simplicity of their traditions, the Ukrainians were able to fully convey their strength of personality, the Georgians delighted with hospitality and crazy dances, and the Portuguese with unbelievable spicy dishes.
The exchange helped me in various ways: I saw another country, I was able to use my knowledge of verbal and non-verbal communication with real people, I learned more about the culture of other countries, I also had the opportunity to take part in creating a comfortable atmosphere for other participants. I took a whole load of knowledge for this trip, because now I have an incredible stock of games for meeting and getting to know each other, games for team building and communication. And most importantly, now I have replenished my supply of motivation for further development. I am very grateful for these opportunities.


It was my first experience in youth exchanges and, to be honest, I was very nervous, but in vain) Thanks to this event, I visited a foreign country for the first time, met new people, and got rid of the language barrier. Yes, my English is not very good and I was very worried that I would not be understood. The main thing is to talk and try to express your opinion as you can. In general, I was impressed by how kind, sincere, and kind everyone is.

When I spoke with participants from other countries, I did not feel “awkward”, as if we had known each other for a thousand years. I returned with the thought “God, I want more to exchange!!!” It is very motivating to learn English, it motivates the desire to be understood. Fill out the exchange forms – it’s a chance to see the world, improve your language skills and get memories for a lifetime)


It was very interesting, I liked the trip and the people I met, I improved my English and learned a lot about the Netherlands. Also, we were in a very beautiful and atmospheric place, I liked the nature that surrounded us. All the events that took place were very fun and interesting, especially the energizers. The organizers were very cheerful and liked to communicate, in general it was a lot of fun, the program was easy but did not let you get bored.


My last exchange was before the covid epidemic, and I was returning home with the thought that I had figured out how to contact people and would rather go to a new youth exchange. And now 3 years have passed and finally.

The chili exchange went smoothly, I love it. Youth exchanges I consider it more about social interaction and the topic and location does not matter. And the social interaction took place as it should, I remember the first day when everyone looked shy, and after a couple of days they were dancing drunk in each other’s arms until 3 o’clock in the morning. I interacted more with members of the Ukrainian team and did not show off in a drunken stupor, Ukrainians are very reserved and cultured. So it is if you were in childhood – children’s camps, only for more adults. I want the same for 30-80-year-olds, because I’m getting older. For some reason, I have little idea that anyone will read my review, except for the people who were there with me, but suddenly, if you have never been to a youth exchange and hesitate to remember the questionnaire, then do not hesitate, it is a really cool and interesting experience, there is no analogue. I remember that I compared these ombins with drug addiction, so there is something in this. Psychological dependence is produced.


Hello everyone i don’t know what i should to said, but i will try manage my memories about youth exchange and will tell you my storie. Probably will be better if first time i write that’s in Ukrainian but it’s will be easier way, and i like to make from easy things hard things cause i write this in English. So before the project i was worries about the way(because im not so good traveler), my English, communication with a new people, but in the same time i was so exited because this project gave me good opportunity to meet my friends whome i didn’t see over one year. Also when i started prepare to trip all my worries dissappeared…so friendly remainder – don’t be afraid and just do it)) If you don’t try you will never know.

Bigest fear for me was my bad English skills, but that’s empty fear, cause everyperson in project so cute and everyone will try to help you with everything…once again – you should said to your fears – fuck you and just try)) During the project i felt only positive things and now after one week ago im glad about participation there. I so exited now to do something especially learn English, but how long time i will have got this feeling i don’t now))

And my last thing about my only one bad experience in this project. Every project have a finish, and it’s hard, cause you meet your frinds, you met new so great people and during the project you was living together like a family you know, but sooner or later you should to said for everyone “goodbye”. . .that’s makes me sad, after project you will need time to back to your usually life(actually that’s just mus feelings). Anyway it was fucking great experience and i will try more later))

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