EVS ||| ЄВС можливості для української молоді

Підступно підкрадається дедлайн програми #Erasmus+ і у нас для вас декілька пропозицій волонтерства. В кожній окремій об’яві дивіться умови та вимоги до кандидатів. Увага! Не всі організації вказують чи приймають волонтерів з України. Але в більшості вказано, що шукають вмотивованих волонтері звідусіль. Пам’ятайте, що волонтером може стати молода людина до 30 років (!). Це вимога програми і ні ми, ні приймаючі організації на то вплинуть не можуть. Закономірною є вимога розмовного рівня англійської мови (щоб Ви могли порозумітися з колегами), завжди плюсом Вам буде знання локальної мови. Пишіть мотиваційні листи та CV, заповнюйте анкети англійською мовою (або ж локальною мовою, якщо є така вимога). Уважно читайте об’яви і вимоги до волонтерів. Всі пропозиції – це ЄВС (Європейська волонтерська служба). Це не стажування, не практика, не рабство, і не безкоштовна робота. Волонтерам оплачується проживання, харчування, локальний транспорт, доїзд від місця проживання до місця волонтаріату (ліміт на цю подорож залежить від дистанції з місця проживання волонтера до місця волонтаріату), також вони мають гроші на кишенькові витрати (залежать від країни перебування).

ПРОСИМО НАС вказувати відправляючою організацією (ми Вас з радістю відправимо і допоможемо з документами, підготовкою і реадаптацією):
Sending organization: Kremenchuk informative-elucidative center “European Club”
PIC: 945867759
EI number: 2016-1-PL01-KA110-026014
Phone: +380501449467
E-mail: euroclub.kremen@gmail.com
Address: Sofijivska str., 36b, Kremenchuk 39617, Ukraine
Contact person: Olena Glazkova
Contact e-mail: olenkoglazkova@gmail.com


  1. Працювати з молоддю, опановувати соціальну роботу, вчитися впроваджувати неформальну освіту. там же за посиланням знайдете анкету. CV та мотиваційні листи непотрібні!https://europa.eu/youth/volunteering/project/1920_en
    Start date: 01.09.2017
    End of project: 30.06.2018
    Deadline: 05.04.2017

The Association “IL PORTICO” was founded 30 years ago and it is located in Dolo, near to Venice. We work with European Volunteers since 2006.
Our objective is to create free-time activities for differently-able and socially excluded people from any age.
The youngsters will participate to the “traditional” free-time activities and will take part of a new experience to support, inculde and involve the immigrants in our community.

for more info: gigorboglarka@il-portico.it


  1. EVS in Italy! Support children and adolescents with the afterschool programme, educational and recreational activities, helping in the canteen. Apply for this project! http://europeanvoluntaryservice.org/european-voluntary-service-putignano-socio-educational-center/

 Іспанія. Тут якраз CV та мотиваційні листи потрібні.


12 months in the field of development education and social transformation with SETEM Navarra-Nafarroa!
We are a development and a volunteer-based NGO.
Our goal is to raise awareness in our society about North-South inequalities, to report their causes and promote social, individual and collective changes, to achieve a fairer and more solidary world. We believe in a culture of international solidarity that respects the dignity of the “peoples of the south” and oriented to expose and eradicate the structural causes of inequalities.
Our fields of action are:
– Awareness and training through courses, solidarity camps, workshops, publications and campaigns
– The promotion of alternatives, mainly about Fair Trade, Ethical Finance and Solidarity Economy through campaigns, specialized programs and by selling Fair Trade products
– Solidarity with organizations of “countries of the South” through exchanges and cooperation.

More information about us: www.setem.org/navarra

More information about the project a: https://europa.eu/yo…/volunteering/organisation/939242659_en

Application deadline: 5th of April 2017

Duration of the project: 1st September 2017 – 31st August 2018
If you are interested in our project, please send us your CV and motivation letter at the following email address:

  1. Where?: Málaga (Spain)
    Starting Date: September 2017
    Endind Date: September 2018
    Duration 12 Months
    Deadline for submitting applications: 24/03/2017 (14:00h in Spain)
    Skype interviews: 03-07 of April 2017

You can find more information about task in next url:

> WORKSHOPS WITH EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT CHILDREN AT RISK OF SOCIAL EXCLUSION VACANCY: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScv4PamxqBIju2w_l9KPT2W-ZXflicT18F_3JFJxCtE8iggyg/viewform

> COMUNICATION AND VIDEO EDITING AREA VACANCY: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScNmUpjC-5Louwhf6hoG5OE7bzDNQXXYY6eToR2cOJEELFRtA/viewform

> SOCIAL SUPPORT IN DESIGN PROJECTS AND SOCIAL WORKSHOPS VACANCY: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfn_xgHaldLVhVvGjQaqSxHJ-sXc9nQhGRUrFakD7PokRpInA/viewform


Купа волонтерський можливостей в Естонії – http://erinoor.ee/evs-1/evs-calls/call-for-horizon-evs-opportunities-in-estonia-1


Youthcenter Corner in Salzburg, Austria, is searching for a female volunteer from September 2017 – June 2018 (10 months).

As Youthcenter Corner has more male than female employees they would like to host a female volunteer to ensure gender balance.

Our target group are youngsters between 13 and 19 years. Activities carried out by the youth centre: Internetcafé, open running: music, games, discussions, chats…, DJ parties, specific projects, youth exchanges, theatre, own radio emission a.s.o.

The volunteer will be a support for our team. You will take part in team meetings, help with administraion and project related work but most of all you will spend time with our youngsters and join/prepare/implement activities with and for them.

We welcome the volunteer bringing in her own ideas for projects or activities which can be developed during the “general youth centre times”. Basic knowledge of German or English and of computing would be useful. Flexibility and motivation to work with young people would be great.

We are open to host volunteers from program and from partner countries.

Please send your application until March 30, 2017 to: efd@akzente.net
Please write “EVS at CORNER” in the head of your e-mail!

Check out our website: https://www.corner-salzburg.at/

1. Where: Epron (Normandy, France)
Project Date: October 2017 – July 2018
Duration: 10 Months
Deadline for submitting applications: 30/03/2017 until 3:00pm
If you need more information, contact us!
If this is the project of your life send us an e-mail to Noémie : pole-enfance-jeunesse@epron.fr

Більше в невеличкому інфопаку – appel-a-candidature-in-english-3

  1. http://rbij.blogspot.fr/


Looking for 2 highly motivated, independent, engaged, responsible, flexible, self-initiating and active volunteers with experience in at least one of the following fields: sustainable/ responsible tourism, promotion of conscious consuming and green living, arts and crafts, Transition methods, event management, project development, community engagement, human rights education, entrepreneurship, web design, photo & video. We are situated in a small village of Kostanjevica na Krki, surrounded by beautiful nature and protected habitats, so the project is more suitable for nature lovers who don’t get easily bored and have a motivation to co-develop the place as a sustainable tourist destination. If you enjoy crafting, cooking, gardening and/or expressing your talents amongst other people in the community, this is a +. If you are coming from migrant/refugee background, this is another +, but not a necessity. If you have a know-how of modern technologies, but are not a social-media addict, this is ++ 🙂 Please fill the application on the following link: http://www.terra-vera.org/evs/ Keep in mind that the project is still in the developing phase and can strongly adjust to your input and creative contribution, so this is why we decided to look for the volunteers first. We would like to develop it together with You to make sure it is tailor-made to your skills, talents and ambitions while it intersects with the needs of local community. Application deadline: 30th April 2017. More info on drustvo.terravera@gmail.com

1. Start 1/10/2017
End: 30/09/2018
Contact person: Patryk Bednarski
Organisation: Teatr Brama Goleniow
Location: Goleniow, Poland
Theatre Brama Goleniow is looking for an EVS volunteer who can start working on a project from 1st of October 2017. The project will take place in the city of Goleniow and will last till 30th of September 2017. We are currently looking for volunteers (young adults between the ages of 18-30) who are interested in doing a year of volunteer service in the field of Art & Culture. The project will assist the volunteer by introducing them to the possibilities of working with an alternative theatre and educational association – including planning and administrative work, researching, developing and creating performances, organizing events and festivals, promotion, technical assistance, teaching and performing. Theatre Brama travels frequently to perform in festivals and teach workshops.
An ideal volunteer to our organization must have a flexible schedule and enjoy traveling. We’re looking for people who are sociable, don’t mind spending a lot of time in a group, people who have their own initiative, interests and desires to develop themselves.
For additional information about Theatre Brama or to view video/audio clips/photos from our performances and concerts please visit our website:www.teatrbrama.org and our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/teatrbrama/videos
Interested candidates should send a CV and motivation letter to: teatrbrama.evs@gmail.com
Please be sure to tell us:
– if you have any previous experience with performance
– if you have any experience with cultural – social work
– if you dance, sing or play musical instruments
– if you design costumes or sets
– if you have previous teaching experience
– if you have previous experience making/editing film or taking photos
– if you have any skills regarding arts management/organizing events, festivals
– please list any experience that will make you a good candidate for the project (for instance: prop, stage and costumes design, sewing, walking on stilts, acrobatics and so on)

  1. We are looking for EVS volunteers – 5 different institutions in north part of Poland!

Read and apply:
1. Kindergarden in Gardeja Village: (http://bit.ly/2mx6rux)
2. SMYK Kindergarten: (http://bit.ly/2mMrfiv)
3. Primary School nr 3 in Malbork
4. School Complex nr 2 in Malbork.
5. Integration Kindergarten (http://bit.ly/2nqTarB)
All the projects will take 12 months and start in September 2017. Please apply only if you can come for the whole period of time.

Coordinating organization is AKWEDUKT ASSOCIATION (www.akwedukt.org.pl), more info about the project: http://www.akwedukt.org.pl/eng/vacancies-our-projects/
If you are interested in any project please send your CV and covering letter to the email address: biuro@akwedukt.org.pl with the name of the hosting organization (e.g. “SMYK Kindergarten”) in the subject. DEADLINE for applications 26.03.2017.
If you need more info, please send your email to biuro@akwedukt.org.pl , contact person Marta Wojnicz, tel: +48 531-925-095.

Watch and decide – film about the EVS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhNhyT_953M

  1. http://przegorzaly.dworek.eu/our-evs-project/


Open call for EVS volunteers from Caritas Sofia in Bulgaria:
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Duration: August 2017-August 2018 (12 months)

The volunteer will be involed in Caritas Sofia projects with asylum seekers and refugees. At the moment we have projects at the reception centers for refugees, the detention center and the Caritas center for integration for refugees and migrants. In the centers we have staff and volunteers organizing educational (Bulgarian and English lessons, cultural orientation) and recreational activities (art, music, sport, etc.). Tasks of the volunteer: The EVS volunteer will support the organization and the implementation of the trainings for local volunteers and the organization of events; organize workshops and support the local volunteers with the implementation of sessions at the centers for refugees and asylum seekers; work together with the coordinators of the projects.
Besides that in Sofia we also have a project for Roma children in the biggest Roma district in the city. In th eproject we have educational and recreational activities for chidren 3-5 years old and the volunteer will organize activities together with the staff at the center.

Other Caritas Sofia projects are for single mothers, drug users, elderlies and youths with dissabilities. The volunteers can visit these projects too, but the main activities will be with refugees and Roma children.
We are looking for a person who is:
– 18+ years old
– Willing to work with the different groups
– Responsible and reliable, with ideas about what do to with the people we are working with
We believe tha this is a great chance for the volunteers to have experience with participating actively in different social projects, that is why we need somebody who is motivated to be part of our team.

If you want to apply, please send a CV and motivation letter to volunteers@caritas-bg.org.

Deadline for applying is 30th March 2017.


  1. https://evsinjugendwerk.wordpress.com/2017/02/01/evs-vacancy-in-jugendwerk/
  2. https://europa.eu/youth/volunteering/project/2041_en
  3. EVS in the Don Bosco Berufsschule in Würzburg (інфопак callforvolunteersdonbosco)
    We are looking for a volunteer in the Don Bosco Berufsschule starting in September 2017 (more information in attachment).
    Please send your CV and motivation letter till 02.04.17 to anastazja.zydor@jubi-unterfranken.de
    Please ask all the questions only per email


  1. We are looking for 2 volunteers in an SOS Children Village!
    Project dates: 01 09 2017 – 31 08 2018
    – organizing free time and educational activities in the day center for children: outdoor / sport activities, hand crafts, cultural activities, etc.
    – visiting children families, helping them to rise parenting competences
    – organizing different event for children and families: Christmas, Eastern celebrations, inter-cultural events, etc.
    – possibility for volunteers to organize their own projects within an organization
    For more info please write to evssaltes.egle@gmail.com , we are waiting for your CV and motivational letter until 4th of Apri
  2. Long-term EVS project in Vilnius, Lithuania for 1 year in Toys’ Museum!
    Project dates: 2017, 1st of September- 2018, 31st of August.
    – educational activities with children, pupils from schools, families;
    – communication with visitors from different countries;
    – helping with new toys exhibits;
    – helping in organizing different events in Toys’ Museum;
    – personal initiatives.

If you are interested and motivated to be EVS volunteer in this wonderful Toys’ Museum, please send you CV and motivation letter to ernesta@saltes.net till 27th of March.




Вся інформація в інфопаку ось тут evs_projects_kane


Вся інформація в інфопаку ось тут piyouthevs


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