HRE, DC, HR, CoE and a bunch of different abbreviations became clearer to group of youth workers and activists of youth centers, schools and universities. It happened at the National training course for workers of youth centres about using COMPASS and providing human rights education (HRE) at regular base in youth centres in Ukraine. The training took place on 15-19 May 2017 in the village Kutsevolivka Kirovograd region.


Youth workers from 15 regions during 4 days of training were trying to understand and expand their knowledge in the field of human rights education (the same that HRE) and Democratic Citizenship (shortly DC). They were exploring manual on human rights education “Compass” page by page, read and practiced the exercises from there (Ukrainian Compass The training was supported by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe (CoE) and the participants had the opportunity to learn more about the Council of Europe, its manuals, structure and funding opportunities. We talked about formal, non-formal and informal education. Learn about working youth centers and youth policy in Ukraine. Participants learn more and spread their knowledge in the field of philosophy and evolution of human rights (HR), they discussed mechanisms of human rights protection. An important element of the program was the introduction of the online campaign No Hate Speech Movement and manual for combating hate speech online through human rights education “Bookmarks” presented by the national coordinator Kateryna Zezyulina. Participants also work with Charter on HR and democratic citizenship education and play in “Dignityland”. They have opportunity to learn how to use movie as a tool for introduction to HR topic. We watch and discuss movie from DOCU/club from collection of International festival of documentary films on human rights Docudays UA. Youth workers improve skills in planning of educational activities on human rights, and plan own follow up activities in their realities in partnership with others. In free evening participants initiate workshop on Oxford debates and debate on topic of forbidden Russian internet resources in Ukraine.

Organizers and participants (we hope) got a lot of new competencies and are preparing to implement their plans.

Photos: Yaryna Borenko, Olesia Musienko

img_6780 img_7300


The organizers of the training course are Youth Department of Council of Europe, Ministry of Youth and Sports in Ukraine, NGO Kremenchuk informative elucidative center European Club in partnership with:

  • Youth organization “PLAST – National Scout Organization of Ukraine”;
  • CYM, the Ukrainian Youth Association;
  • NGO “Youth Platform”;
  • Sumy Center of Youth Leisure ;
  • Youth center of Dnipropetrovsk Region.
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