Our colleague and flatmate Katarzyna made a brave action, betting to cook for all the next week dinner for Bartolomeo and me.  In the case, we would go to take a little relaxing bath in the Dnieper when the temperature was -12 °C according with the Ukrainian tradition. She definitely overvalue our self-regard and underestimate our recklessness.

To be sincere. I was not certain even to touch the water with one finger on the previous days, knowing myself. I usually take around 10/20 minutes to get in the water. Furthermore, when there is an unexpected wave I just hate it. This in Italy, in summer, when the temperature is often higher than 35 °C.

However, always a little voice inside me, work to make me do this kind of stuff. I had already a similar experience in Finland. Outside, the temperature was around -10 °C or something like that.  But inside was around 90 °C. I was in a Finnish sauna, and when you are there, you dream a frozen lake or river to dive in.

Here, the situation was not comparable. I was wearing all the clothes that is humanely possible to wear, before you can be classified as a huge ball of wool. Despite that, I was still feeling cold. Therefore, why do we did it? I think to find it out we would need a conference of the highest mind in the field of psychiatry.

We are not Orthodox, so the main reason people do it, is not valid for us. Maybe we are just mad, simple as that, and that is exactly my mum thinks. Another explanation could be that we want to try all what Ukraine can offer us, and that include its traditions. The extreme ones or the less dangerous one, like the new-old year or Christmas in January, or the Kazakhstan risotto (as Alona define it) and much more.

Anyway, despite the reason we did it. The 19 January 2017 will be one of those days that we will not forget easily.



(text: David Feroce)

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