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1-місячне волонтерство (травень – червень) в Туреччині на танцювальному фестивалі.

As Bodrum Dance Club Association , We are looking for Volunteers for our approved EVS project. We have only 1 placement for each country. Our Project is 1 month short term EVS, about working on promotion and assisting festival committee during 15.International Bodrum Dance Festival!
EVS activity will start 1st May 2014 and end 1st June 2014 !
If you are interested, Please contact us on evs@bodrumdans.com and we will provide you more information about application process. Good Luck !

І. Волонтерство на 12 місяців. З жовтня 2015. Дедлайн заявок 1 травня 2015

Hi. We have 3 vacancies for EVS, that is going to run in Prague, Czech republic.

From: 1.10. 2015 to 30.9.2016 (12 months)

There are possibility to choose out of two profiles of your EVS.

One is focused on working on a animation movie (gaining skills that are required to finish a short movie), with a studio Animation people –  http://www.animation.cz/en/

second one is working in different youth clubs (gaining skills in music-therapy / movement-therapy ).

Our organisation is closely connected to protestant Parish. Respect to our culture is essential. We are open and to host and support people from another culture.

Deadline for application is 1. May 2015. Please send a short CV, short motivation letter and in case you want to work on movie some examples of your work to maros.klacko@gmail.com.

ІІ. 12-місячне волонтерство з серпня 2015 на Мораві. Свої заявки надсилати на inaliska@email.cz

We are Czech NGO called “Na Slunci, z.s.” which means “On the Sunshine” and in the Erasmus + EVS programm we are searching for enthusiastic Volunteer.
The organization Na Slunci, z.s. is an family community project which has opened the Forest Kindergarten Jelinek ( little deer) in the beautifull area of Moravian hills in a small town Kunstat (http://www.kunstat-mesto.cz/) with long ceramics art history and well known pottery market happening each September. Our project is based on the German model of Waldkindergartens, distinguished by its commitment to total nature immersion, interest-led flow learning, emergent curriculum, place-based focus, inquiry-based teaching style and authentic play. Jelinek Forest Kindergarten’s philosophy is that children need to spend a large portion of their day outdoors to get the stimulation and natural learning experiences they are born to crave.
We have 15 children in a group in the age of 3 – 6. Our community is focused on sustainable development and cooperation. There are plenty of possibilities to join young families living in the countryside, art and craft groups – especially potters.
We would be happy to meet someone from the august 2015 – july 2016…would be great if you have deep interest in nature kindergartens.


9-місячне волонтерство в Таллінському університеті. З серпня 2015. Дедлайн заявок – 20 квітня

Organisation: Tallinn University Student Union
Number of Vacancies: 2 volunteers
Duration: 9 months – Beginning August 2015 to end of May 2016
Following project is not in the database yet, but if you are interested and have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask. The accreditation will be done before the end of the deadline.

Project Context:
EVS project will take place mainly in Tallinn, which is capital city of Estonia and most developed and populated area in the country. About Tallinn you can find out more information from www.tallinn.ee
Though our project coordinators work in Tallinn University, in the city center, where the volunteer will have a working place and can develope work together with the team. The facilities are wide and with all conditions, equipment and easy to access.
The volunteer also might join activities in the different areas of the Tallinn University around Estonia, such as Rakvere and Haapsalu.
Regarding our internal working culture we can under that personal growth and rewards are the goals we mutually target, but accomplishments and rewards are sweetest when earned in a positive, friendly, and supportive environment. TÜÜ is an equal opportunity organisation. We believe in providing equal
opportunity and career advancement to all individuals. Our company does not discriminate employment opportunities or practices based on race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age and disability. Anyone found engaging in any type of unlawful discrimination will be subject to disciplinary action and possible
removal from our members.

Volunteer Profile:
The profile of the volunteers is not strongly limited and has always been relatively opened. Volunteers are expected to be open minded and interested to work with concrete target group of the activities, main criteria is the motivation of doing EVS in general and additionally motivation to do exactly the work they are applying for.
At least Basic English is needed for working in the project in order to communicate with the students and youngsters and to manage in everyday environment. Also in the selection process there was tried to keep in mind gender balance and to include volunteers from different countries in order to give volunteers and hosting organizations possibility to experience best mix of nationalities and different cultures.
The volunteer should have from 18 to 30 years old.
If you are interested any of the aforementioned projects, then:
– send us your CV and motivation letter before 20th April – Including the number and contact of your sending organisation.
– if a volunteer contacts us directly, then also please mark the name and contacts of the sending organisation.
For more question and information, please do not hesitate to contact us in marco@nyh.ee


І. 10-місячне волонтерство в Іспанії. З листопаду. Дедлайн заявок до 20 квітня

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Spain Purchena Youth Information Office is URGENTLY looking for two volunteers and two sending organizations to participate in a EVS project in Purchena during 10 months.

Name of the project: We Keep Moving
Organization: [http://www.purchenacij.eu ] Purchena Youth Information Office.
Period: 1 of November 2015- 1 of September 2016.
Deadline: 20th of April 2015

Capable to adapt to a rural area and to live in a small town. Good level of English. Interest in teaching languages. Knowledge of Spanish is welcome. Interest and possibilities to carry out his/her different kind of workshops (music, dance, sports, theatre, computers, YOGA, zumba, chess…) aimed at different sectors of population, mainly children and youngsters but also adults, elder people… Good knowledge of new technologies to support the Youth Information Office to spread information through internet and social networks.

-Support and collaboration with the youth staff in activities to carry out the revitalization of the Youth Information Centre. May include some weekend service in specific activities.
-Help and collaboration with youngsters in the preparation of international youth projects, especially the issue of teaching English language and the promotion of the Erasmus+ program (special attention to EVS).
– Collaboration and cooperation in cultural, social and sports activities that are related to rural development and with other organizations (Kindergarden, Minor Centre, Schools…). To complete the timetable the volunteer will participate in programs of night leisure and possible activities of weekend.

Please send us your Europass and your motivation letter to: purchena@juegosmoriscos.org
More information and contact: Manolo Sola Purchena Youth Information

Office web: www.purchenacij.eu

E-mail: purchena@juegosmoriscos.org

ІІ. 10-місячне волонтерство в Іспанії. З вересня. Дедлайн заявок до 15 квітня. НЕОБХІДНЕ ЗНАННЯ ІСПАНСЬКОЇ МОВИ!

Деталі і контакти: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sgcducmHzREq9kCQDpSSyxfut7R4Hh-4A39oL_0cvvQ/edit

Волонтерство на 12-місяців. З вересня 2015. Дедлайн заявок – 12 квітня.

EVS in Daily Care Center for Children & Youth in Slovenia
We are still looking for 5 EVS volunteers who would like to help in 5 daily care centers for children and youth in the area of Škofja Loka, Slovenia. The project is planned to start on 1st September 2015 and the duration of the activities is one year. We will apply the project for the next deadline so there is not so much time left to apply as a candidate.

Детально: http://www.youthnetworks.eu/ShowVacancy.aspx?Vacancy=evs-in-daily-care-center-for-children–youth-in-slovenia


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