Hello, my name is David Feroce. If you are wondering what Feroce means (probably no), it means Ferocious. However, do not be scary! Once, my contemporary history teacher at the university called me like: Mr. David Feroce! but not so much Feroce. I graduated in International Relations last September at the University of Bologna.

I quite sure you know ragù alla Bolognese, well, my home village Сorridonia is about 2:30 hours by car in the south of the birthplace of Bolognese sauce. My favourite food is … surprise surprise … pizza. I am crazy for Norcina pizza, which has on the top: mozzarella, tomato sauce, mushroom, speak (Italian smoked ham) and truffle sauce from Norcia (a city not so far from my home village). I love travelling, it is the greatest way to learn a lot and quickly; about everything. For example, I have just learnt that Ukrainians are really sly celebrating two times new year’s eve, we should do it in Italy too! or how the bus system works in Kremenchuk, I really like it! there is no timetable and it’s quite surprising for me, even though in my city, there is one, but it, let’s say, it’s more like a slight advice for the bus driver.

To arrive here, it took me around 12 hours, I started from Rome at 2am to go at the Fiumicino airport. The plane took off at 4am (I was so disappointed that there wasn’t a window on the side of my seat). I arrived at Kiev at 8am. At 9.30 I luckily took the right marshrutka for the first time! after two films and 4 hours, I eventually arrived in front of АМСТОР, where I found WIFI to inform my colleagues of my arrival. I am really enjoying my time with the euro club, every day I am doing and learning something new. See you at the office ПРОСТIР IДЕЙ.



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